Veterinary service – small animals


  • vaccination, deworming, flea treatments
  • examinating cats for virus diseases (FeLV, FIV, FIP) with subsequent vaccination
  • application of microchip and record insertion to Veterinary Chamber register, tattooing
  • drawing out Europassports
  • x-ray examination for ACD, AED, spondylosis
  • consultation of reproduction- best terms for inbreeding, ultrasound detection of pregnancy
  • removal of tartar and polishing of teeth
  • cranial cruciate ligament rupture- TTA method
  • spinal surgery
  • arthroskopy


We perform surgery (especially the severe cases) with general inhalation anestesia along with constant patient monitoring.

Preventative surgery

  • castration of dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, etc.
  • removal of tartar and polishing of teeth

Intervention of soft tissue

correction of ectropium and entropium, treatment of hernias (umbilicalis, perinealis...), removal of tumors, laparotomy, and surgery of gastrointestinal and urinary systems.

Surgery of hard tissue

  • intervention of joints
  • internal stabilization of fractures
  • resection of the head of femur
  • resolving of patella luxation
  • resolving of ruptured cruciate ligaments of the stiffle


  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Gastroentology
  • Urology
  • Reproduction
  • Ophtalmology


Guidance in feeding and sale of veterinary diets and first rate brands. Veterinary diets are made for sick animals. We offer granulates as well as cans. We offer first rate food brands like:

  • Hills, Royal Canine, Specific, Trovet

Further mineral and vitamin supplements, also cosmetic products are available from the following companies:

  • Equistro, Orling, Cymedica, Pharnam, Orion Pharma, Alavis, Biofaktory

We can order alternate brands, if you are interested, in any that are not listed above.

Veterinary services