Veterinary care of horses

Preventative care

  • Vaccinations for influenza, tetanus, and/or herpes virus according to vaccine schedule
  • taking of blood samples and providing laboratory health tests prior to transportation
  • antiworming

Surgical procedures and intensive post-surgical care:

  • Pre-purchased examination, digital radiography, flex probes, edoscopy, ultrasonography
  • complete dental care


Soft tissue surgery

  • opened and closed methods of stallion castration
  • desmotomy of anular ligament, desmotomy of accesory lig. of superficial flexor tendon, etc.
  • colic surgery
  • treatment of skin neoplasia

Bone and joint surgery

  • arthroscopy: non-invasive treatment of joint disorders (for example: chip fracture removal)
  • surgical treatment of angular deformities in foals
  • exostosis resection of splint bones
  • fracture fixation

Orthopedic examination

  • ortopedic examination- lameness exam, nerve blocking, x-ray
  • pedal ultrasonografy- tendons, joints, ligaments, sheaths
  • stem cells sampling, tapping and transfer

Internal medicine

  • endoscopic examination of airways - hemiplegy, SPD, bronchial lavage, etc.
  • reproduction - ultrasonographic diagnosis of pregnancy, establishing date of covering, mare insemination
  • colic treatment
  • chiropraxis- resolution of spinal and back problems
  • ophtalmology- treatment of uveitis, corneal wounds and lesions
  • dermatology, magnetotherapy

Veterinary services